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KANAAMI-TSUJI – (Kenichi Tsuji) – uses traditional hand-weaving techniques, such as kiku-dashi (chrysanthemum pattern) and kikko-ami (tortoise shell netting) that are traditionally used for tofu servers and tea strainers, to create poetic and graphically decorative patterns for exclusive gift objects and functional everyday housewares. 

from the Creators Project – architectecture studio Aranda/Lasch talks about their work.

"A Million Times" by Stockholm based Humans since 1982

Tea Set by Tomás Alonso

Making of Tomás Alonso Tea Set via The Method Case manufactured by Wiener Silber Manufactur


Motoi Yamamoto makes elaborate installations using a very nontraditional contemporary art material, table salt.

For the latest installment of The Avant/Garde Diaries, the Japanese artist traveled to the salt flats of western Utah to discuss life, death, rebirth, and his elaborate patterns that can resemble the powerful metrological patterns of typhoons or hurricanes.

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Paula Scher: Do What You’ve Never Done Before via 99u

Setting Constraints, Ignoring Experts and Embracing Self-Doubt of Tony Fadell CEO of Nest Labs via 99u 

Extraordinary work of the largest and the only piece of textile made from Golden Orb Spider silk. Read the full article and view more photos on Yatzer by Yasmine Hottary. Film clip is produced by the Victoria & Albert Museum.